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Through the years, we have worked with a variety of different products. Our experience with these products has led us to decide on these particular brands. By choosing products that are 100% natural with plant derived ingredients, we believe these products are the most advantageous to your body and will produce optimal results. We have had mostly positive reviews and results from our previous clients about these products, which has helped in developing great client relationships and continued customer satisfaction. Because of this, we stand by our products. If there are any issues or concerns, please do not hesitate to let us know. We believe the following selections from this particular brand are the most effective when producing optimal results:

"Beautiful hair grows from a healthy scalp, like a plant in fertile soil"

-Rene Furterer. Paris 1957

Rene Furterer Logo

Rene Furterer from Paris

"Indulge in treatments with essential oils to reveal beautiful hair"


Rene Furterer from Paris products use all-natural ingredients derived from plants.


"From the photo shoot to the salon chair, colorists are set free from the fear of damaged hair"


Olaplex is like insurance for your hair.

Keratin Smoothing Complex

" This revolutionary therapy reduces frizz and curl and instantly adds amazing shine, silkiness and condition to the hair."


Keratin Smoothing Complex makes all types of hair easier to manage and style.

Wella Hair Color

"For the first time ever, place color nexr to color withour bleeding, without foils"


New blended results: Soft transitions even of contrasting tones.